More History

In 1960, the AUEED constructed a center for empowering women in Akhmim, this center provided basic education and offered vocational training for women, today the products of the center have earned a worldwide reputation, and an annual exhibition is organized each year for selling these products at the premises of the the AUEED in Cairo.

The Administration of the AUEED witnessed a dramatic change to the better in 1965, when Mr. Amin Fahim (a prominent Lawyer) was appointed as chairman. He went on modifying the internal hierarchy of the administration and tackling managerial obstacles for achieving better results, which empowered the AUEED in providing improved services to the people of Upper Egypt.

In 1971, the AUEED had the initiative of organizing its first seminar to choose school teachers, and introduce them on modern teaching techniques. 

Through the 1970's, AUEED established a de-centralized system for managing the services of the association through a "Leadership Team", which consisted of Department Managers, and some active employees. This team performed organized research about Upper Egypt, and set the suitable strategies for overcoming the problems facing the work.

AUEED established 4 offices in Upper Egypt for managing the activities carried out, in Menya (1982), Assiut (1985), Sohag (1992), and Luxor (1998).

AUEED performed its first scouts' Jamboree in the beginning of the 1980's, it was an important step towards an active scouting activity in Upper Egypt.