The Association of Upper Egypt for Education and Development (AUEED) started providing services to the Egyptian community in 1940, when the Jesuite Fathers established the AUEED and requested from Fr. Henry Ayrout -a Prominent Egyptian Sociologist- to manage it.

the main scope of services provided was "Education", until the total number of schools of the AUEED reached 120 -varying between one class schools & full capacity modern schools.

Fr. Ayrout was assisted by several wealthy Egyptian families to support the AUEED activities financially as the AUEED provided its free-of-tuition education before the government applied this program on the national level.

The number of the AUEED schools changed through time through merging some schools and closing others, till it reached 40 schools in 1956, after the ministerial law was enacted to assure that every school must have at least 6 classes and a playground.

In 1964, the AUEED administration was shifted to staff other than clergymen, and the scope of services of the AUEED started to widen, while new internal bylaws were set. in 1967 the Association was registered officially at the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The general Assembly members, decided in 1971 to change the name of the Association from "The Catholic Association for Schools in Egypt" to be "The Christian Association for Schools and Social Promotion", so as to reflect the field of activities of the Association. The name was changed again in 1990 to be "The Association of Upper Egypt for Education and Development" (AUEED)

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